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Our Charter

The purpose of the CJACC, incorporated as a non-profit organization, is to preserve and maintain motor vehicles while serving as an acurate and technical source of information concerning automobiles for the benfit of its members as well as the general public.  The CJACC is not affiliated with any other organization and was created as an independent car club.

History of Our Club

From humble beginnings, in 1955, Jack Kennedy and a few pioneering men with an interest in the preservation and enjoyment of the antique automobile, met in a small dimly lit backroom to share in the fellowship which that common interest inspired.  From this initial meeting, what evolved is what today is known as the Central Jersey Antique Car Club. 


Originally chartered with an affiliation to the Horseless Carriage Club; and until 1981, known as the Horseless Carriage Club of Trenton, Inc.; the club grew and flourished.  From having five cars in the parades of the 60’s to hosting hundreds of cars at the Quaker Bridge Mall over a weekend each year in the decade of the ‘80’s.  The members always had the mission of the car enthusiast in mind – this was the driving force behind one of the founding members – Malcolm Minton’s desire to pursue the historic “QQ” license plates that NJ residents currently use. 


Today, known as the Central Jersey Antique Car Club Inc. (CJACC) the club is based in Hamilton Township and anchored by a steady and growing stream of men and women members.  These members share that same zeal, zest and desire for camaraderie that the love of the antique car inspires.  Since the heart and soul of the original club has endured and successfully transcended generations, the CJACC and it's members are proof that the love of the antique car knows no boundaries.  As demonstrated in our roster, while based in Hamilton Township, the club draws its membership from throughout the region, including parts of Pennsylvania. 


With dozens of shows and cruise nights on the agenda this year, monthly meetings featuring refreshments for all, a club picnic and Holiday dinner the CJACC has become the role model for which all collector clubs could follow.  This year, 2015, marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of our beloved Club.  Over the past six decades, now spanning the 20th and 21th centuries, the faces and cars have changed but the heart and soul of the club has endured. 


We welcome you to join us at a meeting, car show or cruise night and experience the camaraderie for yourself.  Dues are only $25 a year and include the refreshments at each monthly meeting, and the majority of the refreshments at the picnic and Holiday Party as well.  You will also receive the monthly newsletter “The Steering Column” as well as the bi-annual supplement to The Steering Column – the newly created:  “Rear View.”  


Clubs like the CJACC only survive because of people caring about what it is the club is all about.  So if you’re all about classic cars and/or the preservation of the automobile – then the CJACC is for you!

Our Club Officers

Currently, the CJACC officers are:

Joe D'Angelo, President

Joe Misciascio, Vice President

Bill Hartig, Treasurer

Fran Sutton, Secretary

Rob Chamberlain, Director

Harry Leake, Director

Earl Brancolino, Advisor 

CJACC President Joe D'Angelo
Joe and Patrice D'Angelo enjoying the day at the 2012 Septemberfest!